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Here at Boise State Public Radio, we're committed to bringing you local, relevant news stories that help address and explain important issues in our community. Sometimes we can't do that in just one story alone -- that's where our news series come in. With four or five stories on the same topic, we're able to really dig in and tell these stories from multiple perspectives.

As you scroll down this page our series appear from most recent to least.


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Expressive Idaho


Folk art is found in everyday objects and expressions: it tells us a bit about who we are and where we came from.

In Idaho, a hand-tooled saddle and rustic cowboy boots link to agricultural and ranching heritage, while a musical performance or an instrument may provide an introduction to the traditions and varied cultures of newcomers.

Expressive Idaho features master folk artists and apprentices who make their art right here in the Gem State.


Our Changing Idaho


Idaho's new identity as the fastest-growing state in the country is putting a strain on its rustic character: farmland is disappearing, home prices continue to rise while wages struggle to keep up.

In our news series Our Changing Idaho, we explore these growing pains and how this shift is affecting the Treasure Valley and beyond. 




Idaho has a long and sometimes complicated relationship with alcohol. From humble beginnings as the site of the Inland Northwest's first vineyard in 1864 to today's microbrewery boom, the scene has flourished in recent years. It hasn't been without growing pains, though.

Idaho's attempts to regulate booze have sparked fierce debate from seeds to sips and have left some questioning who they benefit.

Join Boise State Public Radio as we explore how the alcohol industry has evolved over the past century and what it may look like in the years to come.


Legacy Of Hate


It’s a history few in Idaho want to remember. For some, torch-lit demonstrations in Charlottesville, Virginia by white nationalists this past August resurrect memories of Aryan Nations members marching through the streets of Coeur d’Alene waving Nazi flags. Others may think of recent vandalism and hate crimes reported around the Treasure Valley just this year.

Boise State Public Radio's four-part series “Legacy of Hate” will follow the history of white supremacy groups in Idaho and the ripple effects they’ve created that still linger.


Watering Idaho


The scarcity of water in some Western states is a very well known story. But what's our water story here in Idaho? How much do we have? Where does it come from? And how does water fit in our rapidly growing region?

Join Boise State Public Radio News as we answer these and other questions about this essential resource.


Saving The Sage Grouse


The greater sage grouse is under threat. Its population has shrunk by more than 90 percent in the last century. Scientists say wildfire, invasive species, energy development and other human activities are to blame. Now, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service will decide if the bird will be added to the Endangered Species List.

Boise State Public Radio will explore the issue in a series of reports we're calling Saving the Sage Grouse. Our five in-depth stories will introduce you to the unique species at the heart of the issue, look at unusual collaborations to help the bird, and explore if those steps will be enough to keep the animal from being listed.